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D Actions

D → Ex-ante and in-itinere monitoring to support the optimization of the project’s actions, the examination of the expected outcomes and of the planning of the future measures.

This measure will assist the project to support the intervention choices (ex-ante monitoring) and to evaluate the effectiveness of the actions carried out (in-itinere monitoring), with a particular reference to the study for the self-depuration capacity of the sub-soils neighbouring the recharge areas. Furthermore, the monitoring will protect the aquifers from potential polluting events (for this purpose the infiltration sites will be provided with remote control systems).


D 1 Planning and realization of applied monitoring with biological index (mosses) of water quality.  Provincia di Vicenza
D 2 Planning and realization of chemical-physical monitoring of water quality.  Centro Idrico Novoledo Srl
D 3 Planning and realization of infiltration rate monitoring in the sites of action and hydrogeological response of underground basins.  Centro Idrico Novoledo Srl
D 4 Planning and realization of discharge monitoring and chemical-physical water of spring's water.  Acque Vicentine Spa


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