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14th 15th 16th April 2015

After four years, the project AQUOR has reached the end of its awareness-raising activities on water saving and demonstrative solutions to restore the groundwater balance in the Vicenza Upper Plain. The Province of Vicenza, as project's manager, will organize three events for the final conference.


Springs are the main theme of first event scheduled for Tuesday, 14th April 2015. Springs are an important sign that suggests groudwater resource's state and management. Acque vicentine, Aquor's partner, achieved a monitoring activity to examine the current situation of Vicenza springs's system and to define the conditions to the long-term evaluation. The activity has produced the census of springs updating old data, the quantitative and qualitative analysis at some significant points and the development of a methodological protocol for short / long term monitoring of springs. After the presentation of the study it will describe some experiences of the territory: Bressanvido municipality'll present the proposal for a new LIFE project for enhancement of springs; Padua University'll present the project "How do you recycle the earth" and the educational workshop on springs that led students of Tecchio primary school to discover their territory. A guided tour to some springs will be organized at the end of the conference.

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AQUOR project partners will present latest developments and results on Wednesday, 15th April 2015. Conference's topics will be monitoring activities about water quality and quantity, economic-financial and technical guidelines to support the implementation of actions for groundwater recharge and development of Contratto di Falda . Santorso municipality and Escar project guests (European strategic partnership for Sustainable Consumption and Awareness Raising) will partecipate in the conference. Santorso municipality'll present the proposal for a new Life project “Territory, climate change, floods”. A guided tour to two demonstrative solutions for recharge of groundwater layer will be organized at the end of the conference.


During last day of the conference will be organized a networing with LIFE+ WSTORE2. The project focuses on sea coastal areas, it will demonstrate the possibility of adopting innovative techniques that balance agriculture and environment through new forms of water governance. A guided tour will be organized to discover “Vallevecchia”, experimental farm, and the experience of WSTORE2 managed by Veneto Agriculture on Thursday, 16th April .

 Download the event program


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