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MARtoMARket EIP Water Action Group OPEN MEETING

4th November 2014, 16:00-18:00



Waiting for the EIP Water Conference 2014, LIFE AQUOR project will take part in “MARtoMARket EIP Water Action Group “. Giancarlo Gusmaroli, technical and scientific coordinator of AQUOR, will intruduce the outcomes of conference "La ricarica delle falde in condizioni controllate" about managed aquifer recharge.

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Introduction and objectives of MARtoMARket Action Group 128

by J.P. Lobo Ferreira (Leader of AG 128, LNEC, Portugal) / Nikolaus Fleischmann (EIP Water Secretariat)


A Knowledge Basis on Managed Aquifer Recharge Sites in Europe

by Christoph Sprenger (KWB, Germany)


Developments of FP7 INNO DEMO MARSOL project & Executive summary / conclusions of MAR Modelling Workshop in Lisbon, July 2014

by Annette Wefer-Roehl / Karl-Ernst Roehl (MARSOL Project Coordination, TUD, Germany) and J.P. Lobo Ferreira (WP 12 Modelling leader, LNEC, Portugal)

Executive summary/ conclusions of Geofluid MAR Workshop in Piacenza, Italy

by Giancarlo Gusmaroli (Studio Ecoingegno, Italy)


Executive summary / conclusions of MAR4FARM Workshop in Arenales and Santiuste, Spain

by Enrique Escalante (TRAGSA, Spain).


MAR activities in Italy, and the importance of MAR for Italian stakeholders

by Vincenzo Marsala (SGI Studio Galli Ingegneria S.p.A., Italy)

MtoM business and project opportunities in Eastern Europe countries (Ciprian Nanu, MATES nZEB Project, Romania)

Discussion & networking coffee with representatives of UPC and AgBar, Barcelona (Xavier Sanchez Vila, UPC, Spain)

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